The Chums have played almost every venue imaginable: concert stages, theatres,  alleyways and boxcars. But whatever they’re working with, they always bring high-energy spectacle. Big, bright sound, smoke and laser lights and confetti cannons (when they can get away with it.) The shows are fast-paced and fun with lots of audience interaction and everyone up on their feet and dancing!

Space Chums is the most amazing, interactive, art, comedy band performing in Toronto right now!! They performed to an audience of 2000 at the AGO for our Family Halloween party and everyone was thrilled.  Young audiences need these type of cultural experiences and Space Chums is right on the mark.

Sarah Febbraro

Programmer, Youth & Special Events, AGO - Art Gallery of Ontario

Greatest Gigs on Earth

  • Field Trip, Fort York
  • Harbourfront Kids Circus Fest
  • AGO Guillermo del Toro Monster Bash
  • Kids Pop, POP Montreal
  • Burlington Sound of Music Festival
  • Hillside Festival, Guelph
  • Roncy Rocks
  • Evergreen Brickworks
  • Sick Kids TV
  • The Drake Underground
  • The Drake Devonshire, PEC
  • The Burdock
  • The Gladstone


Buckle up as The Space Chums take you on an immersive theatre experience! When you enter the theatre you board our space ship and we blast off on a hilarious musical adventure across the galaxy. Watch on our giant video screen as we explore weird planets and make awesome alien friends before finally helping us figure out how to fix the ship and get back home in time for lunch!

Fringe Review: The Space Chums!


This space-themed kids band doesnt just perform rockin songs about rocket rides and worm holes. They craft an immersive family-friendly sci-fi experience that gets little space cadets dancing in their seats and singing along.

The fun begins even before the show starts, when audience members are issued a special boarding pass and enter the theatre through a space-aged silvery archway that builds the hype. Once the three-piece band hits the stage decked out in colourful costumes theres Space Ninja Linda, Fashionista Gussy, and Cosmic Rock Star Nikolai they take their new crew through an exciting countdown and launch sequence (complete with an impressive liftoff video on the main viewscreen).

Their funny songs maneuver between pop, rock, electronic music and rap, and tell the story of the bands attempt to reach a gig in a different star system to open for The Spiders From Mars.

The group excels at audience interaction with call-and-response bits, grey beachball asteroids tossed into the crowd and a really cute cross-cultural contact moment where the Chums ask kids to teach them their favourite Earth music (in the performance I saw this led to an impromptu sing-a-long of Katy Perrys Fight Song).

Jordan Bimm

NOW Toronto