The Space Chums are an astronomically popular band for young aliens and their families all over the known universe. They discovered Planet Earth, landing in Toronto in 2011 and they’ve been rocking out with the humans ever since.

Their first album, “Blast Off!” in 2011 was an eclectic mix of songs about life in space and their new adventures on earth. It quickly won them a dedicated fan base and has worn out the CD player on many a car trip.

They’ve played lots of great gigs on the planet – highlights include: Field Trip, Fort York; Hillside Festival, Guelph; Kids POP, POP Montreal; Harbourfront Kids Circus Fest, AGO’s del Toro Monster Bash; Burlington Sound of Music Festival and Sick Kids TV.

The release of their second album, “Calling All Space Cadets” in May 2018 reflects the band’s evolution. The songs are fuller, brighter, more ambitious musically and lyrically and, word is, even catchier. The Chums credit all their great experiences on earth, including newfound earthling pals like the amazing Mitch “King Kong” Girio who mixed and produced the album.

Space Chums songs are not your average strummy kid tunes. They’re big, POPtastic rock anthems packed with clever treats to reward the adults listening along. Think “They Might Be Giants”, “The Beastie Boys” and “The Muppet Show” inside a Large Hadron Collider…

The Space Chums are: Cosmic Rock God Nikolai (Ian Goodtimes). Space Ninja Linda (Lindsay Goodtimes) and Galacto-Fashionista Gussy (Kate Keenan).

In another dimension, Kate, Lindsay and Ian met while touring live theatrical productions of animated TV properties worldwide. It was a lot of well-paying fun, but they were eager to strike out on their own and let their unique – and decidedly weirder – voices be heard.

Ian is a musician and composer who played with Sean Cullen for many years and fronted the popular rock band “White Cowbell Oklahoma” for over a decade. He’s played in almost every venue in town and is currently the Bandleader and mastermind behind The Mercenaries – the electifyling rhythm & blues review band that plays the Dakota Tavern every Sunday night.

Lindsay Goodtimes is a professional dancer, choreographer and circus performer. Co-founder of Femme de Feu, she most recently created the ariel dance piece for young audiences, “Tweet Tweet”. She also fronted the three-piece Toronto punk band “Five Hot Bitches”.

Ian and Lindsay are now the married couple dynamo behind “The Goodtimes”, the legendary Toronto electro-vaudeville act who bring us “The Goodtimes Christmas Show” each year.

Kate is a classically trained singer and actor who’s performed for kids her whole life. She was a therapeutic clown at Sick Kids Hospital and co-founded the critically-acclaimed Shrimp Magnet Theatre Company where she wrote, directed and performed musical comedies for kids in Toronto and across Canada. Kate is also a freelance children’s television writer.

The Space Chums’ mission is to create music for kids that is every bit as sophisticated and innovative as the best adult music out there. They pour the best of their diverse expertise into all aspects of the band to create a totally unique and extraordinary experience for families.

4NNN’s Critic’s Pick

“This space-themed kids show offers entertainment of galactic proportions”

Jordan Bimm

NOW Magazine

“The Space Chums bring a unique blend of great music, spectacle and humour to every event they play. Their joy and sense of fun are infectious – audiences of all ages are entertained from beginning to end.”

Jaye Robinson

Toronto City Concillor

“During the Space Chums performance, I saw parents running with their children to catch a glimpse of the hilariously costumed people and clever music on display. Audience participation was huge. Many adults, including the market coordinator, were delighted and beaming when the performance started. They have been a highlight from this year’s market season and we hope to have them back again.”

Morgan Yew

Evergreen Brickworks

“The Space Chums capture the unique blend of quality musicianship and accessible, fun kids music. They brought a great energy to the Festival, inviting and engaging the audience in a solid musical journey from their magical intergalactic space band.”

Aviva Armour-Ostroff

Lab Cab Festival